LHT Game Jam

On January 18th 2016, traveling back to college for my last semester, I was forced to spend the night at the London Heathrow Airport. The original plan was to travel through Munich, but, due to poor weather my first flight from Venice was delayed and in return, I was offered to travel through London. It was only later that day, while I was waiting at the British airport, that the 19.40 British Airway flight to Boston was cancelled. With plenty of time in my hands and a few songs on my phone, I had the perfect opportunity to play around with some ideas. The London Heathrow Game Jam had began and PIK•IT was just around the corner.

PIK•IT is a fast paced sorting game. Inspired by the table top game “Bizarre Bazaar”, which I had the chance to discover during the last Christmas Holidays, the idea of creating a mobile version of the game had different motives, such as:

When I landed at the Boston Logan Airport, the day after and with just about a 24 hours delay (and my first absence of the semester), I had a first draft of the PIK•IT Design Document, a brief concept of the game’s structure and a couple mockups for the menu UI.


PIK•IT Game design document. VIEW

PIK•IT Game flow document. VIEW

▸ Early concepts for main menu, based on farm theme.
*Pixel Cow generously provided by Google Images.

PICKIT_UI design_menu_v1

PICKIT_UI design_signs