breakthrough__0005_G.U.I. BREAKTHROUGH


Spring 2014


Game Maker




Matt Clancy, programming

Bobby Falco, character design

Matteo Lanteri, G.U.I.

John Perkins, level design


A Plague has ravaged humanity, killing off most of the population of the world. With its origins unknown and a mortality rate far higher than any other known illness, the search for a cure was halted before it could even begin. As the last scientist in the city, it is up to you to find the scattered research notes of your fallen peers in hopes to discover the cure, lest you fall victim of the Plague yourself.


With limited ammo and with time ticking down, the player explores an “open world” city area, in the attempt of recovering as many notes as possible to produce the antidote that will save life, and eventually many others. Deadly creatures throng the area ready to chase the player that will have to defend himself with the weapons hidden around the map, together with medic kits (RED) and other drugs able to temporary slow down the infection.

Dedicated indicators allow the player to check both his actual life and how much time he/she has left before the virus overtakes his body. Other U.I.elements shows weapons and eventually ammo and medic kits when available. A dedicated counter indicates the chances the player has to produce an antidote based on the number of notes collected, with a possibility of seeing the player’s fate changed until the very end.