Becker AR

Perspective UI and scene elements


UI Early Iterations 

backer AR_mockups-05
backer AR_mockups-06
backer AR_mockups-07

UI Wireframes

backer AR_mockups-01
backer AR_mockups-02
backer AR_mockups-03
backer AR_mockups-04

Becker AR uses Google’s Project Tango technology to offer users a different type of experience when it comes to campus tours. Thanks to the augmented reality advantages, Becker AR aims to provide numerous information to incoming students and their families about college life, campus structures, activities and programs through a student made product that incorporates and demonstrates Becker College commitment to help student grow and learn about the modern tools of information and interactive technology.


UI Mockup (Axure): VIEW

GDD (Google Docs): VIEW

About Project Tango: VIEW