24 IN 48 HOURS


24 In 48 Hours  is a social game developing experience that aspires to connect talented designers, artists and programmers united by the common love for video games.

Designed as a short though intensive working experience, the event also allows participants to build new personal and professional relationships as they merge into a one cohesive group.

Despite the moderated experience length, 24 In 48 Hours allows to experience different working environments, production methodologies and new developing solutions, in order to stimulate and optimize the team’s effort and potentiality.


(WD)²N – What Do We Do Now – is a music based planet defense game in which the player can choose between three different modes – normal, extreme and endurance – each one with different mechanics and level of difficulty.

In normal and extreme mode, the player has to defend the planet for 30 second controlling a satellite that orbits around the planet to intercept space mines spawned based on the music. Holding one direction will overheat the control system, eventually disabling the players movement for a short amount of time. In endurance mode, no time limit is given. As the time goes by, difficulty increases spawning more mines. In this mode the player can also collect parts to build up to three satellites, with the drawback of overheating quicker.

As producer and lead designer for this project, I worked on the following documents before and during the event. The goal was to provide to the team, before hand, all the necessary informations about the project as a whole and in each of its parts, in order to optimize the effort within the time constraints.

•  Design document ( View )

•  Project wireframe ( View )

•  Backlog ( View )


Including title, game over and credit screens and displaying features such as countdown, overheating system and records.









Iterations on satellites by Dan (3D artist): an example of how concepts evolve from one to another and towards the final choice.




Download Mac version. (61.6 MB)

Download PC version (59.9 MB)


Right Arrow: rotate clockwise

Left Arrow: rotate counterclockwise

Spacebar: build new satellite (only available in endurance mode)